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Reader Reviews of Nobody Drowned


Nobody Drowned (Awan Lake Series Book 2). Superb follow on book better even than book 1.. A well written and crafted story, murder intrigue & corruption. Tense and gripping in places, yet tells of the beauty and serenity of the location. A work of fiction that is probably happening for real! Great entertainment. (USA, April, on Amazon, Kindle reader, 5 stars)


I just finished reading an advance copy of Peter Kingsmill’s "Nobody Drowned" novel, and it was absolutely amazing! The continuance from the first book in the "Frank Anderson" novels (Sunset at 20:47) is totally seamless. The characters are innovative and the story is well written with the right amount of mystery, intrigue and humour." (Canada, February, ARC reader)


A great read. Kind of a 'Mystery of Corruption in Business'; the Author did a great job at bringing out the story. And the Characters were very knowledgeable as characters in this read. It does a very good job at bringing you in, especially if you love these kind of reads. (USA, April, Amazon Kindle customer, 5 stars)



                Reader Reviews of Sunset at 20:47 at: Kindle Edition


"Sunset at 20:47 is a well-crafted story that’ll be sure to touch the hearts of nature enthusiasts, environmentalists, and anyone who likes a good mystery. It’s chock-full of interesting well-developed characters. I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to the next novel in the series. (Canada, February, 2019, Amazon customer, 5 stars)


This is a great first novel! Peter builds suspense with an intriguing group of characters, and a sense of place that is clearly built on a love of lakes and boats. I look forward to the next one. (Canada, March 2019, 4 stars on Goodreads)


"Satisfying mystery, interesting setting. I’ve never been to Canada but the setting, people and lifestyle in this story ring true to me. The mystery was satisfyingly complicated. I’m looking forward to another book by this author." (USA, February, 2019 on Amazon, 5 stars)


"In this, his first novel, Kingsmill develops an intimate portrait of, apparently, a fictional lakeside village. Coulda fooled me. Awan Lake is as real to me now as any of my own favourite places, and he's inhabited it with characters just as compelling. Detailed descriptions of people and locations fill the book and describe the search for a missing girl, an environmental miscreant, and love." (Canada, December 2018, Amazon customer, 5 stars)


"Great storyline and a great mystery read. I have never visited Canada but this book is how I imagine it to be. First of the author I've read and will definitely be looking for more."  (USA, July 2018 on Amazon, 4 stars)

"This is a good story that kept me turning pages long after I should have been doing something else. I always like a mystery that includes a little romance and discussion of societal issues."  (Canada, April. 2018 on Goodreads, 4 stars)

 "I just finished " Sunset at 20:47 " I liked it a lot.. Will read more of them as they are written." (USA, July, 2018)


"I'm impressed with how you manage to flesh out Anderson's character and draw the reader into the story with concise prose and precise imagery. I'm looking forward to reading more!"  (Canada, May, 2018)

 " I finished your mystery this weekend and I enjoyed it. I liked the characters and the overall development of the book. I’m glad that Anderson et al. survived; I look forward to the sequel!"  (Canada, June, 2018)

 "I enjoyed reading Sunset at 20:47 and would like to see more of the Awan Lake characters. (USA, June, 2018)


" My husband and I both read Sunset and enjoyed the book and characters especially Anderson. Good mystery and something different. Keep them coming."  (South Africa, July, 2018)


"I have just finished "Sunset at 20:47" and really enjoyed  it.  It kept me fascinated right through and it had a twist in tail at the finish. I look forward to the sequel."  (USA, August, 2018)




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