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SUNSET at 20:47                        NOBODY DROWNED



Somewhere north-east of Midland and north-west of Smith Falls, there is a village called Spirit River on the north shore of Awan Lake. A few hundred people live there; some work at the copper mine, some work at the marina, some fall in love and some may even commit murder.

Based on his love of place and his childhood memories from time spent on Big Rideau Lake near Portland and Westport, novelist Peter Kingsmill has created the Awan Lake Series of mysteries. These stories are somehow reminiscent of Midsommer Murders, the British series of cozy mysteries, but with a distinctly Canadian edge. As one reviewer commented, “...Awan Lake is as real to me now as any of my own favourite places, and (the author) has inhabited it with characters just as compelling. Detailed descriptions of people and locations fill the book and describe the search for a missing girl, an environmental miscreant, and love.  (Ken Paulson on Goodreads, 5 stars)