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RELEASED MARCH 12, 2019 !!
Book II in the Awan Lake Series
Fear permeates the village of Spirit River, where the proposed expansion of a mining and smelter operation could threaten the waters of idyllic Awan Lake. RGI has a shaky reputation worldwide for its disregard and manipulation  of environmental regulations, to say nothing of a history of bullying national governments and local communities alike. Frank Anderson, a local contractor with deep roots in the Coast Guard, is passionate about protecting his adopted community and gathers a network of police officers, local leaders and talented young women to bring the corporation to its knees.

Nobody Drowned is the second Frank Anderson novel in the Awan Lake series, by Canadian author Peter Kingsmill.

Book I in the Awan Lake Series
A knock on the door of his dockside home one evening reveals an attractive woman who tells Frank Anderson shemay have found a body floating on peaceful Awan Lake. Anderson recognizes a lady in distress, but his willing response leads both of them into a fourteen-day search for answers - that yield even more questions - as the lake becomes the center of a web of conflict, environmental activists, international criminals and murder.

Peter Kingsmill is the author of the Awan Lake mystery series. Peter is a recipient of the Governor General’s Conservation Award (Canada) and the founder of the Redberry Lake (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve in Saskatchewan. When he is not writing novels, he serves as publications editor with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and works as a consultant on regional development projects. Peter joined Crime Writers of Canada as a Professional Author Member in 2018.

Peter has been a frequent writer and editor since leaving high-school in Montreal and college in Vermont. He recently retired from many years as a riverboat captain and owner of a small-waters marine services business, and has worked at an eclectic mix of tasks which include logger, trucker and cattle farmer. He is passionate about Canada’s rural spaces and has served two terms as Mayor in his home community of Hafford, where he lives with his wife Valerie, an artist and the author/illustrator of the Redberry Tales series of gentle children's books.